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Multistore - multiple stores, one panel

Take advantage of the Multistore function and increase your sales!

You are worried about low conversions or difficulties in reaching new customers? Are you looking for proven ways to increase your market share at little cost? Do you manage multiple online stores and find them time-consuming and problematic? Then Multistore may be just the thing for you! Connecting several domains to one store is a great way to both expand your business and simplify the processes of managing your currently existing brands.

The Multistore function will allow you to build your own extensive retail network, market several brands aimed at different target groups and efficiently split sales for individual and business customers. Thanks to the integration of several domains on your webstore, you can manage all this from one place.

Start the Multistore service and conquer the e-commerce market!

What is the Multistore function?

Multistore is a feature that you can use to run multiple domains on one store and manage all the processes from one administration panel. This single system allows you to assign products to different stores, create different layouts for them or process orders placed on several sites at the same time.

What is the Multistore function?

You set up a main web store, which is then subject to a multiple cloning process. You get several fully functional sites.

You determine the degree of data separation. You can create several stores with the same products or create several different offerings. You also choose the look and configuration for each store. You are free to do so.

You decide whether you want your stores to operate under the same domain or under completely different websites.

And you're done! As you can see, the whole process closes in just a few steps. It's really easy when you consider how many possibilities Multistore offers you.

One administration panel, many advantages:

Saving time

When you connect several domains to one store, you don't have to log into several platforms, so you don't waste time on unproductive activities. Depending on your needs, you can manage your stores using one or multiple panels.

Easy order processing

Have you ever missed or misplaced an order? By combining multiple stores in one administration panel, you can avoid very costly mistakes. This will translate into higher service quality and customer satisfaction. This is important, because a satisfied customer will store at your store again and recommend you to others.

More customers

Segmenting your product range will allow you to address several different target customer groups. In the system of integrating several domains on an online store, you can also sell the same range under several brand names and increase your competitiveness in the industry. In both cases, the effect is the same - more customers.

More sales

By combining multiple domains on one store, you can create coherent offers that better appeal to a specific consumer segment. Each of them will allow you to create a consistent brand image and position yourself as an expert in your field, which will give you significantly higher conversions.

Your Multistore at Selesto

With us, managing your Multistore is easy! In addition to the many advantages of having multiple domains, we offer an intuitive and powerful administration panel so that you won't miss anything that is going on in your e-stores. What else do you get in the Multistore package?

Simple price list
for each store

Each store is billed according to the same subscription rules. The amount of the subscription always depends on your income.

100% technical support

Not sure how to connect several domains to one store? We will help you with this and any other issue. Our individual approach will ensure you receive fast service and the highest security for your store.

Access to individual packages and solutions

Do you need professional consultation or individual technical solutions? We are happy to adapt all stores to your requirements.

Your online store needs solutions that allow it to grow and keep up with constantly changing sales strategies.
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