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Integration of wholesalers with Selesto

Integrate with any wholesaler that shares their files. Don't worry about stocking up your store with selected products.

Ready-to-use integrations with wholesalers. One system, multiple benefits

You want to increase sales or quickly expand your assortment so that more customers visit your e-store? It's time to change your distribution network and gain more flexibility in your online orders.

Try out our store-wholesaler integration module. Stop worrying about stocking your store, save the time entering products and manage all your orders efficiently!

Enhance your online store! Wholesale integration is just a few clicks away!

Check out the list of suppliers we already work with.

If you need wholesalers outside the list, let us know.









Manilla by Anter

k2 distribution




Chłopcy z Rancza








Aqua Planet

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Who benefits from wholesale integration?

Wholesaler integrations are a tool that allows you to manage products supplied by wholesalers from your administration panel. It's a fully automated solution that ensures you always have up-to-date stock data and can easily import the items available there with their descriptions, images or attributes.

Wondering if this solution is for you? Integrating an online store with a warehouse is an ideal system for almost any e-commerce business. It will benefit small store, as well as companies that are just entering the market and cannot afford to rent their own warehouse. Integration with a wholesaler is also for you if you already have an e-store and want to quickly expand your assortment to increase your competitiveness in the market or improve communication between your warehouses.

It doesn't matter what model you run your online store under. Integration with wholesalers is suitable for dropshipping (in fact, it's essential for this!) as well as for sellers with their own warehouse.

What do you gain from integrating your shop with a wholesaler?

Full data synchronisation through integration with wholesalers eliminates repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone entering of products in the shop. The wholesale integration module will streamline the work of your entire company. Why waste valuable time on repetitive data processing, burden your employees and spend a lot of money to at least minimally stock your store, when you can automate all these processes?

Full control
over your offer

Have you ever missed an order because you didn't realise in time that a product was out of stock? By integrating your shop with your wholesaler, you will never let your customers down!

Automatic data

When you integrate your web shop with a wholesaler, the stock levels update themselves. You don't need to keep checking the data. Instead, you can get on with more important things!

Easy management from
a single location

No more logging into multiple systems and tediously tracking data! You manage the integration module of your store with wholesalers from the administration panel of your e-store.

Start integration

Do you want your online store to run continuously? Integration with wholesalers does not disrupt the continuity of your sales. The products will be available in your store immediately.


With the wholesaler integration module, you can fill your shop with many products effortlessly. The system will automatically download ready-to-sell items, their images and descriptions.

How do I integrate my shop with a wholesaler?

It's easy. All you need to do is receive a product file from the wholesaler you are working with and hand it over to us for configuration. We offer you full support at every stage of the service and afterwards. Don't hesitate to use it!

All this allows you to develop your online store. Integrations with wholesalers save you time and money, significantly more sales and a high return on investment. Check it out now!

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