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Price list - migration of online store and data import to Selesto

Transfer your data to our store quickly, seamlessly and for free. Send us the file, we'll do the rest.

We’ll make your transfer to our system as lossless as possible.
It doesn't matter if you come to us from a different platform or a dedicated solution. You don't have to waste products, descriptions, inventory and customer data.

How does the migration of the store to the Selesto platform look like?

Receipt of the file and its verification by our technical department

One-time or cyclical data import from a file

Checking and completing missing elements

Bet on a lightning-fast data entry process.
Choose the fastest Selesto importer on the market.

Connect a file from another solution to our system and update products periodically according to the set time frames. Integration with a wholesaler has never been so easy! You don't have to do anything manually. Our file importer will automate the inventory update processes.
+48 792 725 777 kontakt@selesto.pl
Contact data:

Company details: Selesto sp. z o.o.
Grzebieniowa 16c
26-600 Radom

NIP: 9482612159
KRS: 0000703231

Hotline: +48 792 725 777
+48 793 702 333

Main address: kontakt@selesto.pl

Technical Support: pomoc@selesto.pl

Marketing department: marketing@selesto.pl

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