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Store migration to Selesto

Transfer your online store to Selesto and get unlimited access to all the features!

Are you looking for a technology solution that meets all the requirements of modern e-commerce and helps you increase your competitiveness in the industry?

We will carry out the transfer of your online store from any SaaS platform, OpenSource system, and also, if your website is based on dedicated solutions. You do not risk losing customers and sales channels. Instead, you gain full technical support, a subscription tailored to your e-commerce and access to loads of features!

It's time for you to make your move! We'll do the rest for you.

What do you gain from migrating your store to Selesto?

Many webstore owners consider migrating their store as a last resort. However, why should you tie yourself down to one platform if your investments aren't yielding the expected returns, your current platform is too expensive or low-configured, and the UX of your e-store leaves a lot to be desired? Changing your online store engine is the best way out of this situation. All you stand to lose is a lack of competitiveness, low flexibility and slow performance!

A platform that grows with you

Transferring your store to a new system is just another step in the development of your e-commerce. We are one of the fastest growing platforms and are constantly adding new functionality. Migrating your webstore to Selesto will give you new possibilities not only now, but also in the future.

Comprehensive support

We will support you whenever you need it - not only during the store migration, but also afterwards. Our experts are on hand to help you. Get their help by email, Messenger chat or via a special tab in the administration panel of your "new" store.

Unlimited access to all functions

Once you have transferred your web store to Selesto, you can sell an unlimited number of products and take advantage of many useful features: Multichannel module, SEO support, integration with Facebook and Instagram, Baselinker (including Allegro, eBay, Amazon), integration with Zalando, creation of product sets and more. You get all this in a simple subscription that depends only on your income. In the first month after the change of the store engine, it is always 99 PLN net per month!

Fast and functional store software

An intuitive user panel, easy management of all functions and technologies to speed up operations will allow you to simply focus on sales after the store transfer.

Store ready to use

Once the transfer to the new engine is complete, your store is fully functional and ready to use. You can use it as usual - only more efficiently.

Hassle-free data import

If you provide us with complete information then the process of transferring your store to the new engine is completely safe for your data. You don't lose your customers, products or order history

Design tailored to your needs

Worried that moving your store will cause your e-commerce to lose the look your customers are already used to? We will also take care of adapting the graphic template of your website to your expectations. If the project is particularly complex, our specialists will take care of it individually - make an appointment now for a quote with a consultant!

What does moving to Selesto look like?

Transferring your store to a new system doesn't require any effort or extra work on your part. We take care of everything for you! How does it work in practice?

1. Tell us what you need!

Before the transfer of your store, please contact us and provide us with your website data in xml, csv or json format - your current platform should be able to provide this. We will check the feasibility of migrating your store and determine the scope of action together with you.

2 Online store migration

We will transfer your product data completely free of charge. Customer data, stock levels and anything else you need we will transfer for a fee. Send us the file for analysis and pricing now!

3. Take advantage of new opportunities and sell more!

That's really all you need after migrating your online store. We're here for you if you have questions or need support to enable a smooth transition and help you make 100% use of the new possibilities.

Try our platform and see for yourself that moving your online store to Selesto pays off!

Transferring your store to a new system doesn't require any effort or extra work on your part. We take care of everything for you! How does it work in practice?

Most frequently asked questions

How do we transfer data from your store?

We need a file in xml, csv or json format from you in order to upload product data, customer data, stock levels and so on. Your current platform should provide you with such a file. We will check the migration options separately in each case, as they depend on the file provided by your current service provider.

Will you be able to adapt the design of your store to the current version?

If you wish to maintain the current design of your store we will take care of adapting the graphic template to your expectations. In some cases, this will require a separate quote. It all depends on the complexity of the project.

What do you get in the package price?

Every store set up with us has access to all the features without limitation, and the prices of our packages are based on the sales volume of the store in a given month. In other words, when you grow, we grow too.

What support can you count on?

We will not only help you move your store, we will support you with technical issues throughout the entire period of cooperation. You can always email us, call us, report your need for help via a special tab in the admin, or catch us on messenger. We are available to you whenever you need us.

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