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Notifero integration with Selesto

A tool that will increase conversion in your store and build customer trust by using purchase notifications inside the website.

Are you wondering how to increase the number of purchases in your online store without generating more customers?
Thanks to Notifero, your conversion rate will skyrocket.

Use social proof of rightness. Introduce dynamic notifications to your store.

Think ... How many activities do you do to attract people to your store?

Now think ... What are you doing to persuade the people on the site to buy?

You associate a situation where your neighbor is buying a new car. Are you looking, you are slightly jealous and ultimately want to have such a car? Similarly, if you are a woman, you see your neighbor's dress and you dream about the same, because you’ll look better in it.

So far you have shown a car / dress on your website, but… there were no neighbors! There was no emotional element to make a purchase.

Do you already see a gap in your store?

Most of the owners of online stores focus on generating as much traffic as possible to the website, ignoring the important issue of persuading visitors to buy. Nowadays, product descriptions and good photos are not enough.

What works is: building purchasing pressure and arousing the need to have a given product.

People want to have what interests others - the neighbour's car, the neighbour's dress!

How to do it?

Use the mechanisms governing human decisions,
to increase your sales.

Notifications about the number of people browsing the page

The counter of people who are currently in the store is the perfect message to emphasize the interest of other people in your assortment. It increases the attractiveness of the website, thanks to which customers are more likely to go to other tabs and view products.

Notifications how many people have recently viewed the product

The information that someone else is interested in a given good raises the need to buy the product before it’s bought. Using the psychological mechanisms of the human brain can positively increase your sales.

Notification of how many people recently bought the product

Information that not only pushes you to buy, but also greatly increases the attractiveness of the product and the desire to have it. This feature simply cannot be ignored. Its sales potential is huge.

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